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We deliver high intent leads that convert at scale.

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Who we are

We Generate Customers

Ascend Media is a performance based ad agency that is focused on accelerating business growth. Our experience and proprietary technology helps us generate high intent leads that convert into paying customers.

Owned & Operated

We generate all our leads in house, using our owned and operated landing pages and marketing strategies.


We hate retainers. That’s why work on a performance model. Our partners only pay per lead. No upfront or fixed costs.


We work to help you reach your KPIs and generate high quality leads that are sure to convert into paying customers.


All our leads are TCPA and come with TrustedForm and Jornaya certificates and IDs.


Our team has experience running ads across all platforms allowing you to get in-front of your audience at the right time.

Real-Time Delivery

All our leads are generated and distributed in real-time through our Ping Tree.

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